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  • I have an idea for something specific but can't find a shop willing to discuss doing the project for me. Do you do custom work?
    Yep, sure do! We are a full leather shop and can work with you to create something unique and personal. Contact us to chat about your ideas.
  • I want to order a belt, what's the best way to measure for the order?"
    It's easiest if you have an old belt handy. Measure from the leather fold over at the buckle end to the most used hole on that belt. When we make your new belt that "most used hole measurement" will be used for the middle hole. This allows for size adjustment in both directions ensuring a great fit no matter what.
  • Are your items sealed? How long will they last?
    Nearly all our items are dyed and sealed unless specifically designed to be left unfinished. If properly cared for your leather item will provide years of use and develop a beautiful well worn look. Leather being a natural material can stretch, fade, crack, etc. We recommend treating your item with a commercially available leather protectent to help maintain it through the years.
  • Can the dye rub off onto my clothes?
    Unlikely but, when you first get your leather item it will be fresh off the work bench so be aware that it is possible some of the dye could stain clothes. This is rare but can happen from time to time. Once the item breaks in a little this should stop happening.

Our shipping department manager, Zero, works hard to make sure your order is correct and ships on time.

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